Make your first booking

To make a booking for an activity session at Longcraig go to our Customer Portal at

You can use this site to find information about Longcraig and the activities we offer. When you are ready to make your booking, select the Book Now item from the navigation menu at the top right.

This will take you to the Booking page. You may need to adjust your browser size to get the best view of the site.

The Date Picker shows available dates in green.

Select the date you are interested in booking.

The site will change to show you the number of participant spaces available on that date.

Click the Book Now button located just under the availability box.

This opens the Booking form.

Check that the time slot you want is highlighted in blue, change it if necessary.

Enter the nuner of participant places you would like to book for each activity.

The maximum number of participant for an evening session is 24 and for a weekend is 30. There is a limit on the number of participants who can book any particular activity, the system will tell you if you try to over book. If this happens try adding your unbooked numbers to another activity. Longcraig will try to meet your activity preferences as entered in your booking, however we may vary the actual number taking part in each activity for operational reasons.

When your booking is completed, click Continue.

Enter your contact details. Scroll down the form and make sure you tick the Terms of Service before clicking on the Continue button.

The system will display your provisional booking confirmation / invoice. This document will be emailed to you. Initialy your invoice will show as PENDING but once your booking has been confirmed it will show as RESERVED.

Your booking is complete. You can return to the Customer portal website, or Create another booking.