Cancellations (by us)

Occasionally we have to cancel a booking. We don't do this without good reason which we will explain a the time of cancellation. We realise that cancellations will lead to disappointment and inconvenience for your group. We apologise for this and assure you that every effort has be made to minimise the number of occasions on which this happens. We will always give as much notice as possible and aim to inform you of a cancellation before you travel to Longcraig.

When we do have to cancel this can be done for one of two reasons

Administration Reasons

Usually because a payment has not reached  our bank account and been attributed to your booking in time to prevent an automated cancellation email from being sent.

If this has happened to you, we recommend that you check that your payment was sent to the correct address or bank account, detailed in your invoice and that you included your booking reference. If you are sure your payment was made correctly, then you should contact If this is done quickly your booking can be reinstated before it is taken up by another group. You will be give and additional 7 days to make payment, but your booking must be paid in full before the activity date.

Safety Reasons

Our aim is to deliver your session in line with your requirements. However occasionally we will need to cancel or amend your booking in order to ensure the activity is delivered in a safe manner.  The principle reason for this will be bad weather. We will always try to let you know about a weather cancellation before you travel to the centre. However Longcraig and the Forth estuary in general has its own micro climate and it is often not possible to determine the local weather conditions until staff are actually on site.  In cases where the customer is on site when a weather cancellation is made we may alter the booking, for example swapping kayaking to sailing or single handers to longboats,  so that it can still take place.  

The second and less likely  safety related cancellation is due to staff. Our staff are all volunteers and occasionally it proves impossible to secure commitment from the correct mix of staff to cover your booking. We will usually determine this several days before the booking is due to take place and will notify you accordingly. Very very occasionally a staff cancellation can happen on the night due to illness or other exceptional circumstances.

Cancellations (by you)

Your booking will be considered cancelled if you miss a payment within 2 weeks of being sent a reminder, if you fail to attend on the activity date or you tell us you wish to cancel  via email to .

After making your booking you are free to alter it at any time up to 4 week s before the activity is due to take place. There are certain minimum numbers for each activity below which that activity cannot be run. Your booking is not confirmed until you have paid a deposit. Once confirmed if you cancel in the period before 4 weeks prior to the activity date, you will receive a refund of your balance minus deposit. If you cancel within the 4 week period you will remain liable for the full cost of the booking as invoiced.


If we cancel your booking and no activity takes place, you will receive a full refund. If your booking is altered you may receive a partial refund depending on how many of your group get out on the water. In the event of a cancellation where your group are actually at the center, you are welcome to use the building free of charge. With your agreement, Longcraig staff may provide on land activities and if this happens your booking will be considered completed and you will receive a smaller refund. 

In the event of a refund you will be issued with a new invoice and any balance due will be returned to you. Please provide bank details to facilitate payment to

Terms & Conditions

Your booking is governed by terms and conditions which you agree to be bound by when you make your booking. Longcraig reserves the right to cancel or alter activities offered to suit prevailing conditions at the time of your activity. See Terms and Conditions for details.