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Longcraig Scout Centre - situated at the heart of the Forth Bridge UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Longcraig is CLOSED for Business

Booking reopen early 203

We are back and looking forward to providing water activities for Scouts and Guides within the region and further afield. Join us at Longcraig, make your booking for 2022 NOW

Temporary amendments to Terms and Conditions for 2022 Season

This season we will be operating under amended Terms & Conditions to allow us to be more flexible in meeting the needs of our customers and volunteers, reflecting the new reality of the post pandemic era. These changes are intended to make it easier to book and change activities, minimising the need for re-invoicing and refunds, in a situation where both Longcraig and customers may have to make changes at short notice.

You no longer need to secure your booking with a deposit, but your bookings must be paid IN FULL 14 days prior to the booking date. If you have to cancel or reduce numbers due to COVID related issues, we will issue a refund, provided your booking remains above the minimum number. Longcraig reserves the right to alter or amend your booking to match staff availability. If this happens we will offer alternative activities or dates or a full refund. In the event that Longcraig becomes unable to continue with your booking we will advise you of this as soon as we can. All communication relating to this booking will be sent to the contact given in your booking form.

We will not be offering as many sessions as in previous years, concentrating on those days we know are popular such as Wednesday, Friday and the Weekend. We have also removed some dates due of poor tide conditions and a few dates this season have been pre-booked by units who carried forward bookings from 2019. We know this will mean that some of you will not be able to book the dates you wanted.

If the date you want is not available you can reserve a place on our waiting list. Then if the date becomes available we will contact you to offer a booking. We would aim to do this around 3-4 weeks before your chosen activity date. To get on the waiting list send an email to bookings@longcraig.info stating the date required, activity and numbers.

The minimum booking size is 12 the maximum is 24. We will not be accepting multi-group bookings, unless you have a prior arrangement with another group for shared activities. We will try to give you the activity you selected in your booking, but we ask that you be flexible. This will allow us to match available staff to the size of your group , but may mean we need to offer and alternative water activity to the one you booked.

If you cant meet the new minimum booking number we will be offering special Open Days, one in each month, where you can book between 1 to 8 places but may have to share with other groups and take potluck on the activities offered.

Full details of our Terms & Conditions and how these amendment effect them can be found here.

The Activities We Offer

Evening session are EV (19:00 - 21:00). Max of 24 participants per session. Weekend session are AM (10:00 - 12:00) and PM (14:00 - 16:00). Activity Sessions cost £12.50 per person. Restrictions on numbers and age limits apply for specific activities. The range of activities offered is dependant on weather and staff availability. See invoice for details. Our activities are not suitable for Squirrels, Beavers or Rainbows. Activities for Cubs and Brownies are more weather dependant. Larger groups can be accommodated by special arrangement.



Paddle your own canoe around the bay. You will learn the correct way to get in and out and be shown how to go in a straight line or circle. If weather permits you may be bale to paddle to the Forth Bridge and back or around the moorings.

Min 6, Max 12 per session.

Cost £12.50 pp



One of our helms can take 3 crew in a Wayfarer dingy. You will be told about the various ropes and rigging. You will be able to balance the boat and work the sails, you may even get a chance to steer.

Those that have sailed before may wish to try out one of our single handed Topper or Pico dingys. These can be sailed on your own or with a crew. Our Longboats take 8 and are more suitable for longer journeys or the less adventurous.

Min 6, Max 12 per session. 1-2 per Singlehander, 2-3 per Wayfarer, 8 per Longboat.

Max 6 sailing craft per safety boat, Max 2 safety boats.

Cost £12.50 pp



Build your own raft, launch it from the beach and paddle it around the bay. You will be shown how to lash the poles and barrels together to make a sturdy seaworthy raft. Then you will have the opportunity to prove the seaworthiness of your construction by taking it out on the water. Great activity for teams of 8 to compete against each other.

Min 6, Max 16 per session, Rafting is not suitable for cubs or brownies

Cost £12.50 pp

Open Day

Open Day - New for 2022

A multi activity session for 1 -8 participants. Take pot-luck and try sailing, kayaking or rafting.

Open Days are open to all from individuals to small groups. The activities run will depend on available staff and weather conditions. Weekend morning and afternoon sessions are available.

Min 1, Max 8 per group, 24 per session,

Last remaining date Sat 3rd Sept

Cost £12.50 pp

There is a minimum of 12 participants for any booking (except Open Day). Can't find the activity mix you want, or need special timings. Contact us with your requirements and we will try to accommodate them. Email bookings@longcraig.info